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I was looking up interesting New Years traditions for a blog post I wrote for Supernatural Superlatives the other day and found "First Writing Day" or Kakizome which I am definitely going to adopt--with modifications. 

This fun anthology is now available for pre-order (click the link to be taken to the website where you can choose from different retailers and find out more about the stories in the anthology and the authors who wrote them)! After you buy your copy, don't forget to stop back here to enter our raffle! 

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Critique me, baby

Editing (2)I’m a writer. My work is going to get criticized.

I spill my heart, my emotions and my passion on to a page every day and then put it out into the public eye for people to stomp on.


Tsu G+Social Media More! New! Better?

With changes coming to Facebook (and many of which have already been implemented) many authors are looking to other social media outlets as a way to connect with readers and advertise their books. The two options which seem to be growing in popularity just now are Google+ and Tsu.

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