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I just lost a morning’s work and I couldn’t be happier that I did. Why? Because I drove up to Hagerstown, MD to meet with the people putting together the Mid-Atlantic Fiction Writers Institute.

This fun anthology is now available for pre-order (click the link to be taken to the website where you can choose from different retailers and find out more about the stories in the anthology and the authors who wrote them)! 

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loving heartHow to fall in love

There was a great article this past week published in the New York Times about a study done to figure out if people can be made to fall in love. It got me thinking, as a romance writer, how I get people to fall in love in my books.


Scene worksheetWriting Scenes

I’ve been editing my novella Storm on the Horizon—trying to deepen the characters and make the story a little longer. As I was working on it, I needed to delve deeper into a scene, so I thought I’d look up scene worksheets and outlines on-line to see what other writers used and possibly update my own worksheet.

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