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I had the pleasure of speaking at the Chesapeake Romance Writer’s conference “Pages to Publishing” this weekend (which is why this blog is a day late… sorry!). There I gave my “Jumping into Self-Publishing” talk to a wonderful group of people. But speaking one-on-one to some people afterward just reinforced something which I’ve spoken about with a number of my clients as well—becoming your own publisher can be well… maybe this will help:

New Storm Cover 2x3





With new scenes added, Storm on the Horizon is all new and still Free! Pick up your copy at your favorite retailer.

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Sometimes it’s incredibly easy to identify the antagonist in a book. That’s the bad guy, right? The villain.

But what if there isn’t one bad guy? What if the antagonist is society, expectations (from either society or a particular person) or the protagonist themself?


MeredithBond_BridgingtheStorm-200As a writer of romance, I know that the character is everything. They are the ones we read for. They are the ones whose goals and determination drive my stories forward. They are the be all and end all of my books.

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