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Involved in all of my moving plans was the renovation of the kitchen and bathrooms of my new condo and the repainting of the whole place. This is not work I am qualified to do, therefore I had to hire other people to do it for me. Do I wish I could have done it myself—yes! Could I have done so? Nope.

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With new scenes added, Storm on the Horizon is all new and still Free! Pick up your copy at your favorite retailer.

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There aren't that many people who write with a partner. It's pretty much just a handful who do so, and even fewer parent-child teams. Well, I might just be about to enter this elite group.



Once Upon AIs it self-publishing or readers which is driving more and more writers to writing short stories?
I started thinking about this when I sat down to write a new short story for my newsletter (in which I always try to include a piece of a short story or a vignette--you can sign up for it here)

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