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I’m a thief. I admit it! I steal people’s ideas and make them my own… well, after smushing them around in my head for a little while, fooling around with them and changing them to fit my needs. So… maybe when I finally claim them as my own they actually are, it’s just that the spark for the idea came from someone else. But, hey, ideas have to start somewhere, right? New ones don’t just pop up out of the blue. All ideas are derivative of something, right?

So my new idea, the one I promised last week to tell you about is for my new writing notebook.

New Storm Cover 2x3





With new scenes added, Storm on the Horizon is all new and still Free! Pick up your copy at your favorite retailer.

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annaMy daughter had an epiphany last week. She realized that she doesn't have to write like I do.

In my class, I try to teach a number of different ways people might organize their writing as well as a ways they might consider the process. My daughter took in all I was saying and then looked to see how I organized myself and my writing. She watched my process and then tried to emulate that. 


standing deskI’m so excited! I am soon to join the latest craze in office work. I’m getting a standing desk. It’s not as ambitious as a treadmill desk but not as lazy as sitting in a comfy office chair all day.